Drama improves confidence and social skills

Drama improves confidence and social skills

My connection with drama started aged 7, when I was in the Christmas Nativity at The Acres Care Home in Middleton, Manchester where my Mum worked. Mum and her friend organised it as the elderly people looked forward to having children visit to put on a Christmas show. I was chosen to Mary and it meant the world! I’d never thought about acting before but looking back at the videos of myself (ignoring the cringeworthy moments) I can see the genuine excitement and utter happiness in my eyes. It brings back fond memories.

As a child I was quite shy and I didn’t have much confidence. I felt I was different because I had severe eczema. I felt the pressure to fit in, the awkwardness of being young and the lack the of knowing who I was supposed to be. But I had drama, that was mine and I threw myself into it.

Through drama I was able to escape, be someone else and have such a brilliant buzz doing it. All my family and friends came to watch me as Mary. I felt so proud, so loved. A feeling so elating that nothing else compares. Yes it was scary to get up on stage although I’m not sure I knew what nerves were at that age; but the desire to take on a character and perform in front of my first audience made it worth it. I was in love.

My primary school teacher commented to my Mum that I ‘exceled at drama’ and how she had begun to see my confidence growing. I began to contribute more to class discussions and feel a sense of belonging. Drama made me happy, so I joined the after school club. Here I got to play lots of games and make scenes up, which I now know is called improvisation. This dramatically improved my social skills and my interactions with peers. I quite liked school but every week I really looked forward to drama club and always used to ask the teacher what we would be doing. I made lots of friends, one of whom is still a close friend today.

This was the start of my journey to who I am as both an actor and drama teacher today.

Amidst all the theatre, film and TV companies out there why use Penguin Acting & Theatre Productions? Because all our teachers have personal experience of acting, we know the industry but we also care and with our passion drama has the power to change lives.

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